Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Freezing And Melting Of Water

Question: What is the Freezing and Melting point of water?

Hypothesis:It freezes at 0.0 C and melts at 3.0 C.

Computer                                 Vernier Computer Interface
400 mL Beaker                        Logger Pro
Water                                       Temperature Probe
Ice                                            Ring Stand
Salt                                           Test Tube
10 mL Graduated Cylinder           Stirring Rod

Please Gather The following
A ring stand, a 400mL beaker, ice cubes, salt(5 table spoons), A glass test tube, a Vernier temperature probe, a graduated cylinder. a stirring rod, a computer, and later some water. Put protective glasses on face. Take the Vernier Interface and plug the usb into the computer. Now that the ring stand and adjust it to a little bit taller then the 400 mL beaker. Now go fill 200 mL of water in the 400mL beaker. Bring it back and leave to obtain some ice. When you have the ice put it inside of the beaker. Now take the graduated cylinder and measure 5mL. Once this is done, pour it into the test tube. Take your temperature probe that you attached the computer and place it inside the test tube of water. Now apply the salt you gathered in the beginning. The salt will go inside the 400mL beaker. Stir with the rod and wait till the salt has completely dissolved with the water. Take the Test tube, Probe and place it in the water. Click collect on Logger Pro. Once you have clicked collect a red bar should start moving on the screen. Grab the very top of the test tube and begin stirring it in the water. If done correctly you should see the temperature gradually go down. Once you have stirred it for 10 minutes the computer should stop recording data. When this is done remove the frozen test tube and hold it up, by the ring stand. Do not let it touch any surface. Now that that is done, go dump out the water inside of the 400mL beaker, as well as the ice. Fill it with warm tap water. Now place it on the ring stand, click collect again, and watch the ice melt. Once it is done melting you may take it out and begin packing your things to go away neatly, as they once were.

Our ice was completely frozen at exactly -3.2 C and melted at 0.1 C. I think that we successfully did the assignment that was assigned to us. We managed to get good pictures of the test tube frozen. This test if executed correctly should work for everyone.

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